Affordable watches absolutely don’t undermine great style.

A good watch draws people’s attention and highlights the fact that you’ve put some serious care and attention into how you look. It’s usually worth spending money on an exceptional watch because it’s easy to tell the difference between a high-end timepiece and one you bought for a low price.

By now you must have noticed that I have an obsession with watches. So this week I’m super excited to show you the newest addition to the family: a unique, modern and clean take on a classic timepiece by Prisma.

In today’s mass consumer world, you’ll know the hassle of finding clothes, accessories and jewellery that reflect your own style, personality and story. This is why Prisma is such a rare and refreshing find.
The Prisma P.1881 Navigator Green Watch is something that I’ve been looking for such a long time and I can easily say that it’s my favorite watch by far. Its silver-coloured steel and green and white accents remind me of the classic Rolex Submariner watch. Their collection combines innovative style and careful design: each item is made with the greatest attention to detail, following the most advanced technological standards and careful selection of materials.

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