Have you ever dreamed of going to Greece? What a place that is, so many things to explore, such a nice country and interesting culture. I had the chance to stay at some of the best Resorts there, and I cannot be happier to share my experience with you today.

The first one is going to be about The Elysium Boutique Hotel. It is ideal for all who wish to spend a quiet holiday without kids in a modern and puristic ambiance. As usual, I would never travel during the high season – too many people, too hot. However, May, June, September and even October are great months for a wonderful vacation under the Greek sun. And Greek hospitality is hard to beat!

As nice as it is to enjoy the sun on the beach or at the poolside, don’t miss to drive around. It’s also worth mentioning that the interior of the hotel is quite unique and very luxury, bringing great atmosphere to its guests. When it comes to the food, the hotel has a really unique Restaurant which has an amazing cuisine. I would personally suggest to try everything as I could not decide which dish is my favorite as everything was so delicious. Our package also included breakfast at the restaurant and we were able to enjoy decent alternatives to choose from.

You can rent bikes and cars almost everywhere, and even book excursions to historic Knossos, the capital city of Heraklion, boat trips and much more.

I realize that I have only seen a small part of this big island, so I will be back for sure to explore more of it.