My partner and I took this helicopter tour around the beautiful Dubai City and even though we were only flying for 15 minutes, the experience and the view from above is absolutely spectacular. The safety briefing and information given were very clear and detailed which made us feel assured and calm. There were 6 passengers and the pilot on board, and we were given specific seats based on our individual weight. We were given a headset whereby the pilot could speak to us and we could respond.

I was initially very nervous of the flight, but the pilot was able to put me at ease straight away. We took off gently and ascended very smoothly. The pilot gave us a commentary throughout, pointing out all of the major landmarks and regions. We travelled along the shoreline, which gave excellent views of the city. We then turned around to see the World and Palm in detail.
Furthermore, we also went to the city center to admire the beautiful skyscrapers. We managed to land smoothly and quickly thanks to the pilot, who was very experienced.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour, definitely a highlight of my trip. You get a totally different aspect of Dubai. I would definitely recommend this tour and I just wished I had booked the longer tour.

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