I’m familiar with how essential deodorant is when you’re living that man-on-the-go lifestyle. The real question is how does one go about figuring out the right deodorant?

Contrary to popular belief, the alluring scent shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when you’re perusing the beauty aisle. Armpit breakouts can happen to anyone. Your deodorant can easily be the culprit of itchy and irritated flare-ups. Your underarm is a super-sensitive area of delicate skin that’s prone to react to certain ingredients commonly found in deodorants, like alcohol, fragrance, and aluminum.

Aluminum, the most common ingredient in mass deodorant brands, clogs your pores and blocks moisture from seeping through your skin. Finding a deodorant for sensitive skin that also fights off body odor and controls sweat is hard.

Luckily, I was able to find the best option on the market – formulated specifically for sensitive skin.

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert provides affordable luxury for guys who demand excellence. Part of the L’Oréal Paris group, one of the world’s top beauty care brands, Men Expert products incorporate the latest scientific advances in their visionary formulas that are a pleasure to use.

I used these products for two weeks and was very impressed with the refreshing smell of the Birch sap which is very pleasant. It lasts the claimed 48hrs and still leaves you feeling fresh throughout the day. Since I have very sensitive skin, I would highly recommend the new L’Oréal Men Expert Shirt Protect to anyone having the same issue.