I had very big expectations for Terra Ababila before my arrival because I have only seen pictures of the villa and I could not wait to jump in the 30m long pool. The villa has an easy access by taxi from everywhere in Marrakesh.

Everything was absolutely amazing about this place. It is such a unique property where you can find inspiration and relax from the stressful daily life. My stay there was definitely a memorable experience.

The pool looks exactly like in the pictures and there are also vegetable gardens surrounding the villa, so the food that is served is always fresh. The villa itself is a perfect spot for romantic couples that want to enjoy a bit the quietness and calmness or to celebrate their honeymoon.

My suite was beautifully furnished and included a super huge bath. The lounge area which was in the living room is tastefully decorated with cushions and oversize Moroccan lamps – perfect spot for drinking your traditional Moroccan tea.

The staff were delightful, managed to be discreet and present whenever I needed them. Always with a smile and willingness to provide the best they could. I was served a dinner on the terrace during the sunset while the staff lit the candles lining the pool.

In the morning, very refreshing and tasty breakfast was served to me including pancakes, fresh bread, jam and Moroccan Tea. Then I decided to go for a short swim session in the pool which was good idea, as I did not have many opportunities to do some exercising during my vacation in Morocco.

Overall, I had an amazing stay and I would highly recommend spending a couple of nights at Terra Ababila to remove yourself from the overwhelming Medina.

Oh, and If you haven’t watched my video from Morocco, then you’re seriously missing out.